How to open WhatsApp chat

How to open WhatsApp chat

Open WhatsApp on your phone and you can choose to send an image, video, or audio file. If you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, you’ll see that video calling is available now too! You can also share your location and status messages with your friends using WhatsApp just like using Facebook Messenger. It’s all very intuitive and easy to use, once you know how! Follow these steps to find out more about the most popular chat app around.

Why is your Whatsapp hidden
Because Whatsapp is really private and confidential, you can hide your Whatsapp Chat.There are many reasons why you might want to hide or change your chats from contacts like hiding a relationship, being stalked, etc. Whatever may be your reasons but in today’s tutorial we will tell you how you can change whatsapp profile picture and how you can hide whatsapp conversations in few easy steps. So follow below steps carefully!

The question of changing the password
It is a good practice for you to change your password once in a while, since many users do not change their default passwords. The following steps show how to quickly change your account’s password. This method will work on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp.

Is there a way I can see someones WhatsApp without changing my password
There is no way to see someone else’s password. If you can’t log in, it may mean that they have changed their password and forgotten to tell you.

Can you view messages on someone else’s phone if you add them as a contact?
The answer is no. If you add a phone number as a contact, you will not be able to see their messages. However, if someone adds your phone number as a contact, they can view your messages with ease.

Viewing messages from blocked contacts
If you’ve blocked a contact on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see any of their messages. In order to view them, you will need to unblock them. Follow these steps

See who they are talking to
First, go to options and select settings. On your settings page, you will be able to see a list of people who have added you on Whatsapp. If they have not added you yet, there will be a greyed out icon of an addition sign under their name. To add them click on their name and then choose ‘add’. You can also send them a message from here by clicking on ‘message’ and typing in your message before sending it by pressing send. It is that simple!

Can you hack into someone’s Whatsapp account?
If you don’t have access to your friend’s smartphone or tablet, it is impossible for you to hack How to open WhatsApp messages without fear of judgement

WhatsApp messaging can be an amazing tool, giving you the ability to send messages and media to friends and family members all over the world, quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it can also be an easy way to bring yourself unnecessary stress, especially if you don’t quite understand how the application works or why certain people or conversations trigger strong reactions from you. With the tips in this article, you’ll learn how to open WhatsApp messages without fear of judgement or criticism from your friends, family, or coworkers!

Why should you care about opening your WhatsApp?

Opening Whatsapp messages feels like…
Nowadays, when we receive a Whatsapp message, there’s a great deal at stake. With that blank little chat box staring back at us, many of us are consumed with anxiety about whether we have time to read it or whether it’s really worth our while. It almost seems like opening up is a risky thing to do these days because we can be so easily judged for what might be inside. But it doesn’t have to be like that…

But why do I have this fear in the first place?
Social media is one giant popularity contest—and we all want to be popular. We’re worried that if others see a glimpse into our lives and don’t approve, they might think less of us. When it comes to status updates, pictures, and videos posted on social media, we feel like we have a reputation to uphold.

And why am I so afraid of opening them with my friends?
It’s no secret that most people in your network are probably judging you—especially if you’re a young, single, millennial woman. They judge you when you talk about your obsession with Disney Channel shows, they judge you when they find out what netflix and chill really means (hint: it’s not watching Netflix), and they judge you when they see an overused emoji sequence in your conversation thread. It happens to everyone.

But there is another way… Set

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