How To Check Who visited or viewed My WhatsApp Profile

How To Check Who visited or viewed My
WhatsApp Profile
4 Potential Ways seeing Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile or Status! Identify
who your stalkers were. When we try an app, check this one first!
• There’s a great deal of discussion about whether you can know who
viewed your WhatsApp profile.
• Many third-party apps claim to have this ability. And many individuals
(including me) believe this is all a hoax.
• I tested four of these apps today and see if any of these performed. You
can read about the unexpected findings here.
Could You See Who Look at Your WhatsApp Profile or Status?
Unfortunately, you can view who has viewed your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp
does not really have a feature that allows you to see who has viewed your
profile. You may, however, manage whom sees your WhatsApp profile.
You have control about who sees your “last seen,” “profile photo,” “personal
details,” & “WhatsApp.”
You may modify your “last seen,” “profile photo,” and “about information”
settings to:
• Everyone
• My contacts
• Nobody
Go to More options > Settings > Account > Privacy to alter your WhatsApp
privacy settings. You can change your WhatsApp viewing options here at your
If you’re worried that someone is tracking your profile, just set these settings to
“nobody” and “my contacts.” Let’s all just hope you don’t even have any
harassers in your contacts. Keep in mind that if you set your last seen to
“Nobody,” you would not be able seeing someone else there last seen!
Whether you came to this page looking for just a means seeing if your ex has
been looking at your WhatsApp profile, I’m afraid there’s not one. But don’t give
up quite yet! There is still a way to find out if someone on WhatsApp is following
I’m sure you’re well aware that WhatsApp, like Facebook and Instagram, has a
Status feature. WhatsApp has a whole tab devoted to statuses. If you didn’t
know, you can see who views your WhatsApp status. Which is a terrific way to
find if someone is tracking you over WhatsApp (detailed later in the post).
Regardless of the fact that there is no way to know who saw you WhatsApp
profile, many third-party programmed pretend to be able to do just that.
How Do I Find Out Someone Look at My WhatsApp Profile on
Before I show you several apps that claim to allow you see you WhatsApp
profile viewers, you should know the following:
These applications, in my opinion, are completely bogus. Some just offer you
names form your contacts at randomly. A third-party application will only be able
to tell if someone saw your WhatsApp if they hacked into WhatsApp’s database,
that would lead in you being blacklisted off WhatsApp’s.
Although there is no way of knowing whom have visited you WhatsApp profile,
the apps listed above could be used as a prank.
1. Who Viewed Me on WhatsApp
WhatsApp – Whoever Viewed Me is the first app on this list. This application is
obviously not available on the Play Store since they condemn apps like this.
Nevertheless, it is downloadable through ROiDhub.
You can probably tell how fake this app is just by glancing at it:
This already screams “SCAM” to me. However, the minute you activate this
app, it asks authorization to:
• Calls must be made and handled.
• Get access all your contacts
• Get access to users
Now, whether you’re going to use this application (although as a joke), I urge
you disable access to the phone calls and geolocation since an app so
suspicious as it should not be able to make phone conversations or see where
you live!
When you open the application, you may encounter an error stating, “the
programmed was created for an older version of Android.” This clearly indicates
that the app has not been maintained.
When users press your “Scan” button, the software creates a list of names
among your contact at randomly. Unfortunately, it was nothing more than a
glorified die throw.
2. WhatsApp Tracker
This application is just a little older. As according my findings, what Tracker first
appeared near the end of 2017. For obvious reasons, the app is not available
on the Play Store, but it is accessible on APK Monk.
Another thing I found funny is that the typically recommend claims “for Android
16 and Above.” If you’re acquainted with the Android OS, you’ll know that even
the most current edition is Android 10.
To its fair, this growing prevalence to be more believable than WhatsApp – Who
Viewed Me. It asks the same permission as the last application. Whether you’re
experimenting with your own, make careful you disable access to the phone
calls and you location!
You can grant the app access to you contacts as it will not function with them.
Instead of showing just few random contacts (like in WhatsApp – Who Viewed
Me), the WhatsApp Tracker app shows a full contact list. It even blurs out such
a few of them now and asks for money.
One thing you’ll notice would be that the app has 3 independent tabs.

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