How to Find Out What Your Partner is Doing on WhatsApp

How to Find Out What Your Partner is Doing on WhatsApp

If you’re suspicious that your partner may be cheating on you, there are two very easy ways to find out what they’re doing on WhatsApp without them even knowing it. While it can be devastating if your suspicions turn out to be true, you’ll rest easier knowing the truth either way. Here’s how to find out what your partner is doing on WhatsApp without them finding out about it or changing their habits in any way.

View the last active time of the person
If you have a smartphone, your phone will keep track of when people have used it. To find out when your partner last opened his or her chat app, go to Settings and tap Cellular Data Usage. Then tap on WhatsApp and see what date/time it was last used. From there, you can decide if you need any more proof that he or she is not being honest with you!

View when the other user was last online
To keep tabs on who your partner may be chatting with, you can view when they were last online using an iPhone. Start by opening WhatsApp and tapping their name. Once you’re in their profile, tap Last Seen. From here, tap View Status, and then look at Last Online. This will give you a more detailed idea of when they were last active—and who they may have been talking to while offline.

Check out if you are being blocked by them
Try using a VPN and connect with your partner’s device. This will help you check if you are being blocked by them. If you are not able to connect, then it means that you have been blocked from their device. On the other hand, if you can still chat with them, then it means that they haven’t blocked your number yet.

Check out who has been contacting your partner via messages or calls
If you’re worried that your significant other is cheating, use a third-party software such as Spyzie. This allows you to check any device connected to your network (smartphone, tablet or laptop). By installing it on your partner’s phone, you can see who they are chatting with via WhatsApp and even send them a pop-up message at any time.4 Ways to Read Your Partner’s WhatsApp Chats Without Them Knowing

Whether you’re in the midst of a divorce or just curious about what your partner has been saying to their ex, sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands to ensure that you’re getting the whole story – and not just their side of the story. That’s where technology comes in handy! These tips can help you figure out how to read your partner’s WhatsApp chats without them knowing. If they still haven’t told you what really happened at brunch with their friends two weeks ago, maybe this will get them talking.

Step 1: Check If They Have Been Blocked
On your partner’s phone, go into Settings > Privacy > Privacy and choose Blocked Contacts. If you don’t see a list of contacts there, they aren’t using WhatsApp. However, if they are using WhatsApp, you will be able to view their Blocked Contacts list.

Step 2: Check if They Unblocked You
After a breakup, it’s common for one or both parties to unblock their partner on social media, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, or any other site. To see if your ex has done so yet, search for them on social media using their name and birth date. You should be able to find your way back into their friend circle. Use that access as soon as possible!

Step 3: Check Their Deleted Messages Section
WhatsApp doesn’t delete messages like regular text messages do. Instead, they get moved into an area called Deleted Messages. To see deleted chats on a particular device, open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Deleted Messages. If you want to delete these old conversations yourself, simply tap on Clear Deleted Messages and confirm your choice by pressing OK in your iPhone or Android menu.

Step 4: Try Using an Alternate Phone Number or Email Address
Using an alternate phone number or email address for WhatsApp might seem a little shady, but using an alternate mobile number can actually be helpful. If you’re not getting calls or texts from your partner during the day, it’s possible they’re using a secondary device that you don’t have access to. And if they are using their main phone with your contact info on it, they may simply not be getting your messages due to poor reception or forgotten notifications.

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