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A new update to WhatsApp has just been released, bringing with it many new features that users have been asking for! The first and most notable of these new features is the ability to add filters to your photos. You can choose from a variety of filters, including black and white, sepia, and more, as well as setting how strong you want the filter to be. This is a great new way to express yourself through images! In addition to the new photo filters, you can now also set an alarm through WhatsApp itself.

Check if it’s compatible with your device
WhatsApp has hundreds of millions of users, but it’s only available to iOS and Android users—sorry Windows Phone fans. The good news is you can try it out before diving in. Here’s how Download WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play or iTunes (free). If you don’t have a smartphone, download WhatsApp Web from Google Play or iTunes (free). To use WhatsApp Web, your phone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi so that your messages can be delivered via your web browser. Once installed, open up WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Web and tap Get Started. You’ll need to enter your phone number and verify that you’re human by entering a code sent via text message.

Make sure you have enough storage space
If you want to chat with multiple friends over WhatsApp, make sure your phone has enough storage space. It’s pretty easy to quickly use up your available space, especially if you’re sharing videos, photos or music files with friends and family. If you run out of room for new messages, your chats will be marked as delivered but won’t show up in your app.

See what you are sharing with your contacts.
A new feature has recently been released, allowing users to see what they have shared with their contacts. This is a security feature that was added to keep your information private from those who you may not have given permission to access. To check out all of your previous posts, go into settings and select Profile then tap History next to Last Seen.

The significance of having read receipts turned off.

Report Abuse & Block Users

Add the name of your phone number to your profile photo

Split Screen support is here!

Take advantage of Stickers, doodles and GIFs

Keep a check on Data Usage before going out of town!

How to show your location while you type?

Share Documents & Files Easily Over WhatsApp

New Features For Businesses Section

14 ) No more ads when you watch videos – now only Stories play automatically.The newest WhatsApp updates you need to know about in Pakistan

WhatsApp, the hugely popular messaging service owned by Facebook, has released two important updates over the past week that have been getting a lot of buzz in Pakistan (and all over the world). We’ll explore what these updates are and how they can benefit you in our latest article on WhatsApp new updates. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting new app feature!

What are business accounts?
WhatsApp recently introduced business accounts, which allow verified brands and businesses to connect with potential customers and clients. Here are some things that you can do as a business account on WhatsApp

How can I get verified on WhatsApp?
WhatsApp recently rolled out a new feature that will let businesses send bulk messages directly to people who haven’t signed up for their service. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for individual users to get verified.

How do I verify my business account?
If you’re using a business account, then once you’ve saved your first conversation, go to Settings and click on Profile. From there, select About. Here, Facebook will verify that your page is authentic. If it isn’t already verified, press Get Verified and follow these instructions to complete verification.

What types of content will be allowed on my verified account?
Only content that is consistent with your brand’s voice and tone will be published on your verified account.

Can my business account be private?
Before uploading any files, make sure that your privacy settings are set so that only people you’ve invited can see what’s shared on your profile. You can also control how many people each individual file is shared with.

Do I need a website or physical address to get verified?
There are some reports on social media claiming that you can get verified by going into your settings, selecting Show Web Version, then clicking contact us and selecting I want to be verified as a business. We haven’t tested whether or not that works. If anyone does test it, let us know!

How will people who want to contact me verify my account?
You can’t control how people contact you once your account is set up. However, there are a few ways they might do it.

What kind of information should be shared publicly?
There’s a lot of data that is private, such as pictures and phone numbers. However, there are several other things that can be shared publicly without compromising privacy. These include

Can I change my privacy settings at any time?
Yes, you can change your privacy settings for each chat at any time. Tap on a conversation, tap on Privacy and then tap on Privacy again. Here you can choose between: Everyone (default), No one or Contacts only.

Will there be anyone monitoring content published by verified accounts?

Is there any other thing we should know about business accounts?

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